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The Best Way to Clean Laptop Screens

If you’re wondering how to clean your laptop’s screen, there are several options available. You can try using a microfiber cloth or Swiffer duster. If these methods do not work, you can use a liquid such as a window cleaner. Be sure to avoid alcohol and liquids with high concentrations.


A duster is a good tool for cleaning a laptop screen. The dusting cloth is a non-woven fabric that will not scratch the display. To make it easier to clean the screen, you can buy a bottle with a sprayer, which you can fill with distilled water or white vinegar. When cleaning a screen with a spray bottle, be sure to spray in a circular motion, not directly onto it. Avoid spraying liquid directly onto the screen, as it can cause a component failure or even an electrical shock.

Cleaning liquids

When cleaning your laptop screen, the first step is to get rid of any dust. The most effective method for this is using a microfiber cloth that is lint-free. It is important to avoid using soft clothes or old T-shirts because these may introduce lint and dust into the screen. It is also essential not to use any liquids directly on the screen. Instead, use a cloth and apply the liquids in small circular motions. You should avoid rubbing too hard because this could displace the liquid crystal molecules permanently and cause damage to the screen. Repeat the cleaning process several times until the screen is streak-free. Be sure to check the keyboard and any other attached hardware as well.

Before cleaning your laptop screen, ensure it is switched off and unplugged from the power adapter. The battery should also be removed. The display of a laptop is delicate, and using liquids that are too abrasive can damage its pixels.

Microfiber cloths

When cleaning a laptop screen, the best method is to use a microfiber cloth. Avoid using a feather duster, as it can damage the screen. Alternatively, you can buy a duster, which contains thousands of tiny polyester fibers. These can be found online or in electronic stores.

Before cleaning your laptop’s screen, make sure to turn it off and unplug it. Also, make sure to remove the battery. To start the cleaning process, spray a small amount of screen cleaning solution into the microfiber cloth. Do not spray the solution directly onto the screen, as it could damage the liquid crystal molecules and cause permanent damage. Then, gently wipe the screen with the cloth in a circular motion. Don’t scrub too hard, as this could result in streaks and other damage.

Avoiding alcohol

Alcohol is a great for monitor cleaner, but you should avoid using it to clean your laptop screen. The acidity of the liquid can damage the protective layer on the screen, which will cause scratches and smudges. Alcohol also contains harsh chemicals that can damage the screen and the components inside. You should only use rubbing alcohol to clean your laptop screen if it has a non-LCD screen and make sure not to get it on the keyboard or speakers.

Alcohol-based cleaning supplies can also damage the touchscreen on your laptop. They can corrode the touch panel, and this can cause the screen to become unresponsive. It is best to use a clean, dry cloth to clean the screen.

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